Manda SeskoReceptionist

Born and bred in Richmond, Manda is new to the salon industry! Most recently she has been a key player in Richmond’s coffee culture but is re-focusing on her other passions, hair included! 

Manda attended New England School of Art and Design in Boston, Massachusetts for fine arts and printmaking, but considers herself a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the arts. Whether she’s designing a logo for a local business, making one of her moss terrariums, or hand lettering on chalkboards, she always has her hands dirty with a project. Manda is a complete extrovert and loves to make people smile by telling dad jokes and offering genuine customer service. 

When she isn’t elbow-deep in creating something, Manda enjoys smashing the patriarchy, spending time at the thrifts with her husband Devin and snuggling on the couch with her hoard of animals - Tater, Indica, Bruce, and Girl Cat.

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